Acrylic Painting: Galleon Ship

I’m always fascinated by galleon ships and galleon trade. I thought i’ll never see one but I did some 10 years ago when Spanish built a replica of Andalucia Galleon which travelled the… Continue reading

Infographics: Milk Processing

DESIGN RATIONALE Content The content follows a generic information on milk manufacturing process. This includes the following: Collecting Separation Standardization Pasteurization Homogenizing Packaging Visual Design The art style follows today‚Äôs trend of using… Continue reading

Photography: Cowboy Group Portrait

The big challenges in photography is composition and creating a theme. It took the four us, Renti, Shann and Elijah to create this group portrait. The composition was set to be both masculine… Continue reading

Food Photography: Bourbon Whiskey, Cherries and Chocolate

Ingredients John Lee Straight Bourbon Whiskey Cherries Cadbury Chocolate Drink   Crashed the cherries then add hot water. Add 3 bottle caps of whiskey then add the chocolate powder. Stir.

Photography: Cheesecake

Instagram Effect Using Photoshop


Nachos at Chilli’s Greenbelt

Freelance Magnet

Photography: San Miguel Cerveza Negra II

Photography: San Miguel Cervesa Negra