Ocean Design Series 9: Pirate Skull Bitcoin

I made this as a sample bitcoin t-shirt design. Instead of using skull, I used Pirate because they  lust for treasures and bitcoins are digital treasures nowadays. #adobeillustrator #adobephotoshop #patterndesign #graphicarts #ocean @sea… Continue reading

Ocean Design Series 8: Food Menu & Indesign

I used Indesign to create the layout of  this Menu. Indesign can import various files like vector, JPEG and even spreadsheets (like that of the menu list).

Bottle Photography: Hennessy

Bottle Photography: Brew Kettle

This bottle of Brew Kettle Bear was taken at Cablecar, Makati, Philippines. This is my alternate to vector graphics. @brewkettle  

Packaging Design: Jack Daniels 50 ml

I saw this on Savemore grocery store in Tagaytay City. It’s really cute. It is a 50 ml bottle of Jack Daniel’s whiskey.

Packaging Design 7: Tuna Burger Dielines

#adobeillustrator #adobephotoshop #packagingdesign #graphicarts #ocean #sea #pirate

Packaging & Ocean Design Series 7 : Tuna Burger & Photo Setting

The second hardest part to do packaging is how to photoshoot it. I thought that approach in food photography would apply to this. Also, I noticed that I have a poor lighting on… Continue reading

Milestone: 252 Views from Linkedin

Packaging & Ocean Design 6: Isosceles Trapezoid Squid Pasta Food Takeout

Design Rationale What I have in my mind when I was working on this is the Old Spaghetti House Pasta Negra. Instead of the usual tomato sauce used for a pasta, Squid ink… Continue reading

Ocean Design Series 5: Longfin Bar & Restaurant Logo Design

DESIGN RATIONALE As I do my packaging design for shrimp pizza, squid pasta and pirate rhum, what I have thought is to consolidate them into one bar and restaurant. Which means there’s no… Continue reading