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One that makes a t-shirt attractive are the texts printed on it. And this where typography plays and important role. In my 6 years studying graphic I really can’t find the momentum to study typography – still mystified after all this time. The typeface used in the American Eagle T-shirt for me looks a bit of an Old Western style and it’s meaning puzzled me. When I looked on the web about the place, Williamburg Brooklyn’s streetscape looks like a preserved American town dating back to cowboys days. Perhaps this explains the typeface.

How I shoot this photo, at first I used the LED lights gain but then I wasn’t satisfied with the yellowish color. So I took my speedlight, attach it to the light stand, enable my Wireless Commander then fired it against the umbrella. This time I achieved what I have in my mind.

As to composition, I decided to include some of the background to make the photo look grunge.


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lifestyle photography adidas 1Uniqlo got me frustrated on their running shirts. It looks lousy. When I went home to Cavite. I dropped by to Ayala Mall Serin to buy groceries. Then I saw Adidas boutique. I bought two training shorts so I could use them for jogging. It really fits me. I realized that if you want to wear sporty clothes buy only to the real providers and not from brands that supplies smart casual clothes. I assure you. they haven’t mastered the sporty clothing technology like Adidas.

In these photo i DARED to use Photoshop’s CLONE TOOL to cover that area that I could no longer crop.

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Lifestyle Photography: Is American Eagle Outfitters Shirt Really Soft & Sexy or is it Grungy?

lifestyle photography american eagle 3

My friends advised me to changed my settings. So I used Auto white balance and Manual setting – and yes  I was able to capture the right color. I realized that the colors of the clothes on my previous blogs were really yellowish distorting their real colors.  The manual setting also allowed me to capture the charcoalic prints giving it a grunge impression. This made me think if this is how i feel at the moment.

You can find American Eagle Outfitters at Greenbelt 3, Makati City.

Camera Body: Nikon D610
Lens: Tamron 18-300 mm; F 3.5-6.3
Shooting Mode: Manual;  F22 / 1/10s
Picture Control: Vivid
ISO: 500
White Balance: Auto
Active D-Lighting: High
Lighting System: YongNuo LED; 50 White; 50 Tungsten; 3000 K

Lifestyle Photography: H & M Basics & Nikon’s Set Picture Control

I was rushing to finish my shoot. And since I’m cramming that moment, this means RE-WORK. As usual, still being overwhelmed with Nikon’s Mercury-Vapor Fluorescent White Balance , I failed on capturing the right colors of these H & M clothing. The blue-shorts turned violet blue. When I changed to Day White Fluorescent, I still got the same color. So I tried changing my Set Picture Control to Neutral. There you go, I got the realistic colors with dramatic background.

Also I was successful on removing the shadows by placing the LED light on top of the subjects. If you will notice on my previous posts, there are shadows outlining the shirts since the lighting was placed on the side.

There really are so much to learn on everyday life. Simple things are worth studying. I remember BBC documentary about Michaelangelo, a chisel can make a giant sculpture.

Camera Body: Nikon D610
Lens: Tamron 18-300 mm; F 3.5-6.3
Shooting Mode: Shutter 1/30
Picture Control: Neutral
ISO: 250
White Balance: Daw White Fluorescent
Active D-Lighting: High
Lighting System: YongNuo LED; 50 White; 50 Tungsten; 3000 K

Lifestyle Photography: Giordano Poloshirts for Smart Casual Attire

I can still remember Giordano when it arrived in the Philippines back in 90s. It is famous for its t-shirts. There were even imitations that came out. This is the first time I bought Giordano poloshirts. The company allows us to wear poloshirts and slocks. It lessens my time to think on what to wear every morning. Poloshirts for me are the most practical choice of fashion. It can be worn in the office, casual days and outdoors. You can find Giordano in Glorietta, Makati. With the minimum purchase of items worth 3,000 PHP, you can use your Metrobank credit card and pay for 3 months installment.

Lifestyle Photography: Old Navy Relaxed Shirt

Friday is Wash Day in the office. I just thought of wearing something cool especially that it’s a hot day in the morning then rainy in the afternoon. I came to drop in Old Navy in Glorietta.  I saw this Relaxed shirt. It’s definitely designed for summer and already now into sale. It’s really cool when you wear it with jeans. It’s like I’m a time traveler from the 90’s  wearing a lose shirt at present.

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