This is a story about a high school boy being disqualified from a fraternity group in the school. One night he went home with face bruised perhaps caused by his application to the fraternity. Instead of receiving comfort from his parents, all he got are harsh words from both of his mother and father knowing the fact that he was in pain. His father who is a policeman even encouraged him to get even with the bully. So what he did is he hunted for the bully and shot him at the back. The bully was left dead on the street.

When he got home he saw his father and without any communication the father knows that the son took his revenge. He even punched his son twice in the stomach. Then asked his son where’s the corpse and they rode the motorcycle. The son rested his head on his father’s shoulder.

I liked this movie because this is full of emotional irony – when you’re hurt and needs comfort but instead you received a second degree of pain, an innocent face and yet too notorious to kill, an iron fist but a heart full of love. I was touched at the end and that my conclusion is that all that the boy needs is understanding especially from his father which he finally found when he rested his head without uttering a single word. And yet the father’s reaction remains stiff but surely deep inside his melting away – a typical Filipino father reaction when he gets emotional.


Nakaw is a common scene in the slum area where there are snatchers, drug pushers and squatters. A boy stole a purse and was chased by the police who. They passed by a man who seems to be a pusher or a middle man of an illegal activity. Then this man went home and caught-in-the act that his wife is having an intercourse with another man. He dragged his wife and the other man escaped.  After he escaped, he saw his little brother who happened to be the boy who was chased by the police. He needs the money to buy medicine for their sick mother. Then came the police and chased them both. When the police pointed his gun to the two, the man was gunned down but not by the police but by the husband who caught him having an intercourse with his wife earlier. The man fell to the ground dead and a signage was put over him as if it is common story.

What makes this story interesting is its lighting system, faceless and unidentified characters and their connection with each other. It seems that there is no lighting system at all because the movie was dark, grainy and melancholic because of the increased Cyanotope effect. Probably a DSLR was used here to shoot the film. I assume that this is an intellectual attack to what Senator Tito Sotto have said about an Indie film on poor lighting system. Due to the dark lighting system, it was really hard to see the face of the characters. And often times they are running and that you could only see are their backs which would really keep the audience curious all throughout the film. The only thing that was vivid is the half face of the police when he positioned to shoot the two.

The connection among the characters was UNPREDICTABLE since the story seems to be fast and scriptless but all of them met in surprise and boiled down to a single DEAD end.

SALUTE to the Production Team as WHOLE! I also want to emphasize on the effort of the camera man was also distinct. Just imagine shooting on narrow streets plus you also need to chase the running characters. The story and the way it was directed is parsimonious but has a big impact as it also include social issues on morality caused by poor economic system. Due poor lighting system (which is part of  the plan of course), the film may appear to be done by amateurs but I’d say this is an experiment done by professionals – a pure creative story independent from high-end video technologies.

What makes an IT?

20170728 what makes an IT

Information Technology Group is composed of the following:

  • Architecture and Project Mgt to design solution to improve IT services.
  • Application Development that builds front end.
  • Operations Support to manage business requests and incidents.
  • Infrastructure to manage network appliances, servers and storages.

The Infrastructure is extended to a Data Center that houses an environment of core switch and network appliances, servers arranged in rack and storages. The primary environment that run the business systems is called a Production while the backup is called the Disaster Recovery. There are also Development for application build and Test environment. Maintaining a Data Center is costly as it may require monthly rental and acquisition of IT assets.

Report Format

A. Creating Presentation

  • Select important contents. Do not put the entire narrative in the presentation.
  • Maximum of 20 slides.
  • Present video related to the topic.
  • Be conscious about Typography and Color Harmony.
  • For technical diagrams, use Iconography.
  • Avoid over decorated slides.
  • Save as PDF then upload to Linkedin Slideshare.

B. Delivering the Presentation to Audience.

  • Speak slowly and lowly.
  • Do not read your cheat sheet.
  • Distribute attention to audience.
  • For feedback, listen and say we may consider your suggestion.
  • Once you started to work or get into master study, provide snacks.
  • Have FUN!

Thinking Not Outside But Rather How to Make a Box 

I was asked if I can teach packaging design. As part of vector graphics crash course, indeed I can make one in Adobe Illustrator. On the second thought I guess I should start on doing it manually at least I don’t need to rush at Fax N Parcel in Megamall, Mandaluyong to enseure a quality printing. Nowadays, I’d love to do design using analogue method since I truly fell in love with Acrylic and Texturing. Every experiment leads to another. 

Here are the procedures:

  1. Get a small carton box of Kellog’s Corn Flakes. Kellog’s is said to be the first to use carton box packaging. 
  2. Measure the Die Lines using ruler in centimeters. 
  3. Draw the die lines exactly on a folder. 
  4. Cut the folder.
  5. Fold gently. 
  6. Create stencil in a bond paper or drawing paper. When I used tracing paper then applied acrylic, the stencil was raised and overly distressed the fonts.  I was bit frustrated so I used a white marker on the “design”.
  7. For the “packaging”, first it was just yellow but was unreadable. I reapplied again but alas aluck. I tried to make a flesh background and still not a good idea. Then I applied the red ochre paint, redo the stencil and use yellow palette knife to repaint. 
  8. When I handover this to my friend, she folded it and rotate is since the design extends on different parts of the box. 

As to the quote “Think Outside the Box”, I often hear this which I found overused. Sort of thinking new ideas. But then when these ideas worked, they become the box or in corporate terminology – a framework or in academe – a construct. But definitely, packaging designs are always outside the box and not within. No wonder artists always think outside the society’s construct. Artist themselves create their own boxes…unruly. 

Thank you for reading!

About Texturing

As I study Grunge Design, I realized that what makes a design grungy is the distressed texture – stained, scratched, faded, washed, decaying, uneven, torn, leaking and cracked. As much as I want to concentrate on illustration alone, it’s hard to separate Grunge Design from painting and Photoshop. What I did is to pull out my Acrylic paints from the storage. Fortunately I have an Acrylic painting book as my reference. This is where I got the ideas on the mixtures like modeling paste and gesso. I have tried the Liquitex modeling paste and it gives that wall like surface which is perfect. I haven’t tried gesso yet. I also used applicators like palette knife, roller, squegee and sandpaper to scratch the surface. For the poster above, here are the procedures:


  • Concept – Grunge with gradiation of colors from the center.
  • Support – Acrylic paper
  • Applicator – roller
  • Paint – Acrylic
  • Additive – None


  • Concept – Grunge, grave and soul
  • Support – Acrylic paper
  • Applicator – Palette knife and squegee
  • Paint – Acrylic
  • Additive – Modeling Paste


  • Concept – Grunge turned Rustic
  • Support – Acrylic Paper
  • Applicator – Palette knife, paintbrush and sandpaper
  • Paint – 3 layers of acrylic
  • Additive – Modeling paste

For the composition, please refer to my post on Angry Chair. I’m looking forward to study Texturing more on the suceeding months. 

Thank you for taking time to read my post.  

The Punk & Brick Texturing

the punk 20170629

I was looking for tracing paper when I saw this Thai Guardian The Punk with the message “He will keep your heart Full of Fun and Joy.” He’s very cute and even if he’s the Baby Boomer’s early icon, I bought it. I love the concept of the message. Just imagine the Punks of the 80’s could be the soaring leaders of today who probably having hangups by clashing with us Grungist and Millenials.  Haha! Just kidding. But then, The Punk is right. Even if we grow up and pressured with responsibilities, we must not forget being carefree like when we were teenagers.

Procedures on Texturing

  • Concept – Brick Texturing
  • Support – Illustration Board
  • Applicator – Palette Knife and Paintbrush
  • Paint Medium – Reeves Acrylic
  • Additive – Liquitex Modeling Paste


  • Nikon D610, Nikkor 28 mm
  • Manual F8, 1/8
  • Lighting – Light stand LED, Sidelight
  1. Using illustration board, cut rectangles the glue them to an illustration board.
  2. Apply modeling paste using palette knife then have it dry.
  3. Mix red and yellow acrylic paints then apply using paintbrush.



Angry Chair

angrychair 20170627

I grew up listening to Alice in Chains songs. One of my favorite is Angry Chair. It has a highly visual lyrics I can see each line in my mind’s eye. I tend to relate to the song when I started facing the complexity of adult life.

For the technicalities, this is my first attempt to experiment on texturing which should have been part my previous research paper. Due to time constraint I was not able to include this and decided to continue. The goal also is to combine traditional and digital methods of design.


  1. Listen to Alice in Chains album.
  2. Write the lyrics and pickup the objects you want to include in the picture.
  3. Freehand drawing paper then create the final output on tracing paper using drawing pen .7.
  4. Scan then import and clean in Photoshop.
  5. Click and drag the object to Illustrator then convert to vectors using Live Trace.
  6. For texturing, apply acrylic red paint on watercolor paper using palette knife on the first layer.
  7. For the White and Pink scratches, use thread and smear vertically and horizontally. Pink is chosen since it’s a gradational color between red and white.
  8. Use DSLR and a 28 mm lens to get the details. Specs are Manual Mode, Aperture = F9 Shutter = 1/15, Vivid , +4 Sharpness.
  9. Import texture to Photoshop with resolution of 300.
  10. Click and drag vector objects to Photoshop. Place layer under the texture.
  11. Right click texture layer then select Clipping Mask.
  12. For the fonts, they place them on top most.

Angry Chair by Alice in Chains

Sitting on an angry chair
Angry walls that steal the air
Stomach hurts and I don’t care

What do I see across the way, hey
See myself molded in clay, oh
Stares at me, yeah I’m afraid, hey
Changing the shape of his face, aw yeah

Candles red I have a pair
Shadows dancing everywhere
Burning on the angry chair

Little boy made a mistake, hey
Pink cloud has now turned to gray, oh
All that I want is to play, hey
Get on your knees, time to pray, boy

I don’t mind, yeah
I don’t mind, I-I-I [2x]
Lost my mind, yeah
But I don’t mind, I-I-I
Can’t find it anywhere
I don’t mind

Corporate prison, we stay, hey
I’m a dull boy, work all day, oh
So I’m strung out anyway, hey

Loneliness is not a phase
Field of pain is where I graze
Serenity is far away

Saw my reflection and cried, hey
So little hope that I died, oh
Feed me your lies, open wide, hey
Weight of my heart, not the size, oh

I don’t mind, yeah
I don’t mind, I-I-I [2x]
Lost my mind, yeah
But I don’t mind, I-I-I
Can’t find it anywhere
I don’t mind, I-I-I

Pink cloud has now turned to gray
All that I want is to play
Get on your knees time to pray, boy

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