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What makes an IT?

Information Technology Group is composed of the following: Architecture and Project Mgt to design solution to improve IT services. Application Development that builds front end. Operations Support to manage business requests and incidents.… Continue reading

Infographics: Cloud Services

Infographics Guidelines


Infographics: Iconic Computers & Realism

I made this infographic as part of my research paper on one of my subject. This is my first attempt torepresent my illustration as 90s Old School when the use of graphic software… Continue reading

Infographics: 1990s Grunge Frontmen

Grunge music is a revolutionary phenomena that changed arts and mass culture. To powerful that it brought underground music overground. Kurt Cobain and Nirvana was credited for this revolution. Other bands that also… Continue reading

Infographics: Information Technology is a Cheesecake

Information Technology is a Cheesecake from Oxi Pulido The large businesses around us is run by a corporation. It can be a university, a bank or your favorite pizza house. A corporation is… Continue reading

Infographics: Cloud Computing

This is an attempt to create an infographics using the German Expressionist and Edward Gorey styles of illustration. I used Cloud Computing as the subject because of the ongoing trend in Information Technology.… Continue reading

Videography: What is Technology Infrastructure?

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Managing IT Infrastructure Project

Information Technology has revolutionized today’s business process thus the corporate industries rely to its digital capabilities. Services from banking, shopping and purchasing informative goods like ebooks and music are made available to consumers… Continue reading

Infographics: What is Capacity Mgt?