Packaging & Ocean Design Series 7 : Tuna Burger & Photo Setting

package tuna

The second hardest part to do packaging is how to photoshoot it. I thought that approach in food photography would apply to this. Also, I noticed that I have a poor lighting on the first two package shots. I noticed that my camera is set to video. It has been months since I used my camera. I also changed my lens from Prime  50 mm to Telephoto to make its background stack to the top because if I use the prime, the wood recedes narrowing its perspective. With Telephoto, I can maintain the wide base as background and shoot far from the LED light.


  • Nikon D610
  • Lens Nikkor 55-300 mm
  • LED Light
  • Manual  F9 1/30
  • ISO 1600
  • Metering 20 mm

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Packaging & Ocean Design 6: Isosceles Trapezoid Squid Pasta Food Takeout

package squid pastapackaging squid

Design Rationale

What I have in my mind when I was working on this is the Old Spaghetti House Pasta Negra. Instead of the usual tomato sauce used for a pasta, Squid ink is used that makes the pasta black. I also searched on the recipe and pickup those that are sea -related which are clam and anchovies. These made the content.

For the shape of the package, instead of making it a rectangle, I made it an isosceles trapezoid which took me 4 tries to finalize the measurement. This can also be enclosed without gluing because it has tuck in front.

For the coloring, I used acrylic and it’s my first time to use detailer paintbrushes which I believe I need more practice. The goal also is to make the painting similar to vector graphics.

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Ocean Design Series 5: Longfin Bar & Restaurant Logo Design

seafood resto


As I do my packaging design for shrimp pizza, squid pasta and pirate rhum, what I have thought is to consolidate them into one bar and restaurant. Which means there’s no escape to create logo design. I started of thinking for an aquatic name like Longfin which is a specie of squid. For the visual design, I want it to be bold since this not a fine dine in and that what I envision is that it’s a bar and restaurant in the shore where everybody could have fun.  I attempted to capture the 16th century illustration style from navigation maps of navy or pirates. I used the scratchboard style to the squid. Honestly speaking, I’m not interested in minimalist design as it is no more than an excuse to escape the tedious work of drafting. I prefer exaggerated design which can be embossed or engraved to any surface without compromising a single detail.

I also love to put movement through the squid tentacles and warping of fonts. The hardest part is the color scheme because the goal is to make the squid look tasty at the same time must be nautical. So I chose red and brown to make it look salty and smoked. Background is also important and it represents a skyblue painted stack of wood.

The different techniques I used in Adobe Illustrator are dual layer of Offset Path for the font, warping the the squid and use of round stroke to create the scratches.